Friday, November 23, 2012

Dispensing Bubble Gum In Robot World

It's fun to live in Robot World. I'm going to be trained real soon! I'm going to become a Bubble Gum Mule for Retard Mart. A giant Retard Mart Robot will forcibly insert an electronic coin operated penis into my anus and dispense bubble gum for me to sell to raise funds for The Robotic Society Fund Raiser Race outside of Retard Mart. Any one who does not contribute will be tased by a giant stack of rent a cops then rolled down a ditch to die in a sewer drain. Sometimes I wonder where things went wrong and why this is my future. I guess that I was always on the path to be trained.We can't escape the all encompassing stack of mindless robot meat closing in on us. We comprise the tentacles and gears of the robot meat that unblinkingly cleanses and disposes us from the gears when we are bad. I remember when I was a Lad and was in the process of being broken down and digested for assimilation. I thought being bad would help me but I was dropped from my conveyor belt into a sub machine that printed UPC codes on my eyes an forehead. I decided to stop being bad before the printing process was completed. Now I have only the tiniest traces of a UPC code on my eyes and forehead. The code are only visible with a black light which have been outlawed for being "non compliant to moral recreational standards" and a magnifying glass which has also been outlawed for the public for "promoting nonfunctional investigation overtly curious looking".

Monday, November 19, 2012

Lemonade Zallenzer peed off the balcony into a cybernetic Helicopter violet Electro Cyber Bee. It confused me but he just kept on peeing because his urine had tobe transported to Saturn for inspection.When I was a young lad I knew that Electronic Bees would take over the world. They would be shiney and purple. They would bring us to a new age of time travel using imaginary visualized line paths directed by Psychic Power Energy. Lemonade Zallenzer, otherwise known as Lemonade Man just kept on peeing because the bees had to transport his bladder produced lemonade to Saturn before the Mean Cyborgs get goofy in our cities! I don't trust the Purple Cyborg Bees so that's why I will fight Lemonade Zallenzer!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Luxury Driving Girls

I want some Luxury Driving Girls to drive me to the prism. All of these here Girls live in the Magical Electronic Box. I want them to drive me to Magic Land. They are mean. I don't want to stay in this lonely Sand Castle. Why do I need a car when billions of people have cars? One day I will escape and run every body over with my Magical Driving Truck. Then I will give them a back rub to make them feel better. Look! See what you made me do, Dad!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Gitin The Gitin Stuff

Gitin the gitin stuff is an extremely confusing goal. Billy has no idea of how to git the gitin stuff. Billy wonders about what makes up the chemical composition of gitin stuff and wonders why Billy seems to have a like charge to gitin stuff and thus repels gitin stuff. Shiney Tasteys are also a confusing proposition. Billy is alowed to see shineys but not taste tasteys in the presense of shineys. Billy is blindfolded when he tastes tasteys to ensure he may see no shineys. This confuses Billy and he has declared it Mean!
Billy has also puzzled at a curious breed of critters known as gitters. Gitters are always gittin the gittin stuff no matter what and seem to have an opposite charge to gittin stuff so they always attract the gittin stuf! Gitters are also allowed by the bad people to see shineys while tastin the tasteys! They also may taste tasteys while they see shineys. Billy has decided that this is Mean!

Why College?

Billy didn't go to college. People often assumed Billy couldn't think because he didn't go to college. People who don't go to college couldn't possibly no how to think or possess a thought process that can formulate ideas because all of that comes from giving money to old people. "I jus paint me some pictus", is what people expect Billy to say about his art because he is after all, an uneducated lad. Billy preferred to say little about pictures since you're supposed to look at pictures. Billy realized he could not count on the visual comprehension of others and perhaps that's why language was invented. Surely Billy was a mindless lout who only cares about eating and smashing things when he isn't painting.

Billy In Parking Lot World

Billy lived in a town where he projected a bright lite that was invisible to most around him. It was a parking lot world of antisocial haze that penetrated his mind with an alienated 7th grade feel. Ever since Billy got out of school, he had entered a 7th grade whirlpool abyss of an invisible life. Billy spent many dreamy waking moments on the side of the road and walking across parking lots in a haze hoping the invisible hand of some mega spirit director would show him the way. Billy looked around at the girls in the mall and said hi but they walked by and he felt like an invisible 7th grader.
Billy was really bored and decided to lye around with a shirt over his eyes. Billy didn't know if it was day or nite and had many dreams but met no wisdom that would penetrate his waking haze. Everything always reset when he awoke and all insight evaporated into nowhere world.
Teddy Man Nucleus, an invisible buddy, told Billy to go to Delusional Dream City and chase a magic dragon called Happy Happy but Billy feared he would be homeless and have to jump rope for old men. Teddy Man Nucleus kept teasing Billy about his broken dreams but Billy had to figure out the secret of his invisibility before he would chase the dragon called, Happy Happy, or was he already chasing him?
Charlie McComber

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Charlie McComber And The Psychic 80's

Charlie McComber spent 1980 as a fetus. He absorbed the radio waves and thought waves and jammed to Altered images' hit, "Happy Birthday", in 1981, the year when McComber was unleashed on the world of the 80's!