Monday, December 12, 2011

Gitin The Gitin Stuff

Gitin the gitin stuff is an extremely confusing goal. Billy has no idea of how to git the gitin stuff. Billy wonders about what makes up the chemical composition of gitin stuff and wonders why Billy seems to have a like charge to gitin stuff and thus repels gitin stuff. Shiney Tasteys are also a confusing proposition. Billy is alowed to see shineys but not taste tasteys in the presense of shineys. Billy is blindfolded when he tastes tasteys to ensure he may see no shineys. This confuses Billy and he has declared it Mean!
Billy has also puzzled at a curious breed of critters known as gitters. Gitters are always gittin the gittin stuff no matter what and seem to have an opposite charge to gittin stuff so they always attract the gittin stuf! Gitters are also allowed by the bad people to see shineys while tastin the tasteys! They also may taste tasteys while they see shineys. Billy has decided that this is Mean!

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