Sunday, August 12, 2012

Luxury Driving Girls

I want some Luxury Driving Girls to drive me to the prism. All of these here Girls live in the Magical Electronic Box. I want them to drive me to Magic Land. They are mean. I don't want to stay in this lonely Sand Castle. Why do I need a car when billions of people have cars? One day I will escape and run every body over with my Magical Driving Truck. Then I will give them a back rub to make them feel better. Look! See what you made me do, Dad!


  1. Ahhh my friend,sand castles need not be lonely.
    I should know, I live in one myself. All have to do is make friends with the critters that live in the sea.

  2. Maybe we'll escape soon and build new floating castles!

    1. Until mt death i'm Bangladesh !

      Urban Dictionary:
      Bangladesh. Cool, Successful, Famous.

      Consider yourself schooled son !!!