Monday, November 19, 2012

Lemonade Zallenzer peed off the balcony into a cybernetic Helicopter violet Electro Cyber Bee. It confused me but he just kept on peeing because his urine had tobe transported to Saturn for inspection.When I was a young lad I knew that Electronic Bees would take over the world. They would be shiney and purple. They would bring us to a new age of time travel using imaginary visualized line paths directed by Psychic Power Energy. Lemonade Zallenzer, otherwise known as Lemonade Man just kept on peeing because the bees had to transport his bladder produced lemonade to Saturn before the Mean Cyborgs get goofy in our cities! I don't trust the Purple Cyborg Bees so that's why I will fight Lemonade Zallenzer!

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