Friday, November 23, 2012

Dispensing Bubble Gum In Robot World

It's fun to live in Robot World. I'm going to be trained real soon! I'm going to become a Bubble Gum Mule for Retard Mart. A giant Retard Mart Robot will forcibly insert an electronic coin operated penis into my anus and dispense bubble gum for me to sell to raise funds for The Robotic Society Fund Raiser Race outside of Retard Mart. Any one who does not contribute will be tased by a giant stack of rent a cops then rolled down a ditch to die in a sewer drain. Sometimes I wonder where things went wrong and why this is my future. I guess that I was always on the path to be trained.We can't escape the all encompassing stack of mindless robot meat closing in on us. We comprise the tentacles and gears of the robot meat that unblinkingly cleanses and disposes us from the gears when we are bad. I remember when I was a Lad and was in the process of being broken down and digested for assimilation. I thought being bad would help me but I was dropped from my conveyor belt into a sub machine that printed UPC codes on my eyes an forehead. I decided to stop being bad before the printing process was completed. Now I have only the tiniest traces of a UPC code on my eyes and forehead. The code are only visible with a black light which have been outlawed for being "non compliant to moral recreational standards" and a magnifying glass which has also been outlawed for the public for "promoting nonfunctional investigation overtly curious looking".

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